10 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

Aug 29, 2023 | Live it Not in it

10 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are complicated sometimes, but can you be in a healthy relationship? Despite what you’ve heard, healthy relationships exist. How do you know that a relationship is healthy? Here are the signs you should look for.

#1. You love each other. 

A healthy relationship’s main ingredient is love. You don’t agree to be with someone if you don’t love them. You are willing to become a better person when you love each other. And that is one of the best ingredients of a healthy relationship. 

#2. There is respect for both of you.

There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship. You don’t always have to like your partners or their actions. You don’t always have to agree with them, either. But you NEED to respect each other. You and your partner need to understand that you are unique individuals with different needs and interests. As I said, you don’t have to like each other all the time, but respect should always be there. To have a healthy relationship means respecting each other despite differences. 

#3. You communicate well with each other. 

For a relationship to work, communication must be present. One talks and the other listens. And vice versa. And each time someone speaks, the other must be open to listening. They say communication is a two-way street, and a healthy relationship must have open communication. Yes, even when the things your partner says are unpleasant. Good communication between two people helps them sort out conflicts, find solutions, and makes a way to connect. 

#4. There is trust between the two of you.

One of the foundations of a healthy relationship is trust. It applies to fidelity, communication, finances, emotional well-being, parenting, and many others. When you give trust, you put your faith in them. Both of you should remain faithful and reliable to keep your relationship healthy. 

#5 You decide together.

Partners in a healthy relationship should work and collaborate when it comes to making a decision. It doesn’t have to be something big to practice this. It could be as mundane as deciding what to eat for dinner or what to do on your days off. You and your partner should get in the habit of deciding together and mutually agree on it. When you practice this, it will be easier to decide on much bigger things because you already understand each other. 

#6. There is a commitment. 

A healthy relationship means both individuals are committed to being with each other. But to commit to this relationship, you must have the same beliefs, vision, and goals. You cannot be in a relationship with someone who does the opposite. It will not only work, but the relationship will become toxic in the long run. 

#7. You enjoy each other.

A healthy relationship is where both individuals are happy. You take time to learn each other’s interests and enjoy doing them together. It could be as simple as hiking, watching movies, cooking, or going on regular date nights; both of you enjoy the time you spend together. Each moment is a memory when both of you are having fun. 

#8. There is kindness for each other.

There’s no such thing as perfect partners, but there is kindness that you can show to each other. Treating each other with care and compassion lets you know you are in a healthy relationship. Sure, bickering will be there every once in a while, but people in healthy relationships learn how to be kind to each other even when there are disagreements. 

#9. You support each other.

Being in a healthy relationship means you have your significant other’s support and vice versa. You have to see each other eye to eye all the time, but knowing that you have someone who supports and encourages you to pursue your passion is enough. 

#10. There is support from family and friends.

A healthy relationship is when your family and friends support you. Not only do they approve of your relationship, but they also help you and your significant other thrive in that relationship. They want the best for both of you, and they love the two of you. If you have people like this around your relationship, you know that yours is healthy.