3 Benefits of Facing Your Fears So You Can Enjoy Life

Apr 11, 2023 | Right Now

3 Benefits of Facing Your Fears So You Can Enjoy Life

We all have fears. It is the overwhelming feeling of something scary. Those who say that nothing scares them are either lying or budding psychopaths. The truth is, being scared is a normal reaction and a typical response to something life-threatening. And the benefits of facing your fears are surprisingly helpful. 

What is Fear?

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that something or someone is dangerous, likely to cause threat or pain. It is a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, pain, or evil, whether imagined or real. 

Benefits of Facing Your Fears 

For people who do not suffer from anxiety, facing their fears is not a problem. They can jump in headfirst and get over it right away. However, not all of us are in the same boat. Some of us avoid facing fears because of overwhelming anxiety, but what benefits can you get if you face your fears right away? Is this going to help you get over your fear? Here are three benefits that you should consider. 

It takes you out of your comfort zone.

One of the benefits of facing your fears right away is that it takes you out of your comfort zone. We all love our comfort zones. We are safe there, and we feel that nothing can harm us if we stay in it. But when you face your fears, this comfort is taken away from you.

You are placed in a situation where you have to be resourceful to survive [1]. In short, facing your fears teaches you to be resilient; to think of ways to solve a problem or get out of a situation. And that is a good thing! 

It boosts your confidence. 

When you are fearful of things, it shows in your personality. You can be viewed as someone nervous all the time. But when you learn to face your fears, you will find that confidence hidden inside you. Your self-doubt will hold you back in life; this is something that you don’t want to carry around.

By consistently exposing yourself to situations you fear, you can slowly but surely build self-respect and regain the confidence you need [2]. Although you may not always successfully face these anxieties, you can maintain a certain level of compassion and kindness towards yourself, which is crucial in facing your fears and building self-confidence. 

It helps manage your stress. 

Being fearful of many things can be a stressful predicament. You constantly worry, and your anxieties grow over time. However, if you choose to face your fears, you can manage your stress. Keep in mind that stress and fear work together and can affect your mental and physical health.

They also contribute to your worries which worsens the case. While you cannot always control stress, you can choose to meditate and practice breathing techniques to help you cope. That way, when you feel scared, you can take deep breaths and ease the fears you are feeling. 

Be Fearless!

We cannot eliminate our fears; this is a fact. However, you can slowly expose yourself to scary situations to be familiar with how it feels. It is a normal response to be scared. I mean, who doesn’t have fears? We all do! But don’t let those fears prevent you from living your best life.

Be fearless; life is short to worry so much. Life is a beautiful thing to have; so many places to go and do, dare to explore and enjoy it! Hopefully, you find this post helpful so you can enjoy the benefits of facing your fears.