6 Healthy Ways to Overcome Loss and Grieving

Apr 1, 2023 | Right Now

6 Healthy Ways to Overcome Loss and Grieving 

There are many ways to overcome loss and grieving. Losing a loved one, whether they be a family, friend, or pet, is always devastating. The pain you feel is unbearable, and the thought of being unable to talk, see or hold them again is heartbreaking. But, as the circle of life goes, we all have to go one way or another. We grieve for our loss, but we must move onwards, no matter how painful the process is. 

Moving onwards from a loss is not easy. Healing is so painful that many of us take years to completely overcome the trauma of losing the people or animals we love. But there’s no way around it. We all have to go through the grieving process and mourn our loss. 

But how can we overcome our loss and grieve without losing ourselves? This post will discuss the healthy ways you can overcome your loss. And if you are going through such a thing, read on for more. 

Healthy Ways to Overcome Loss You Can Do

Grief is a natural response to loss, and loss is part of life. We all experience it at some point. Processing grief is experienced emotionally, physically, socially, and mentally. And while this is natural, we all grieve differently. How can we overcome our loss? What are the healthy ways we can get past our grieving and mourning? Here’s how.

1. Celebrate the life of your loved ones

Losing someone you love is painful, whether a person or a beloved pet; our memories with them are a painful reminder of what was and never will be. You can dwell on these thoughts or use those memories to celebrate their lives. Some people use this to remember the good times and celebrate them rather than grieving painfully. 

Honor the memories of your loved ones and what they’ve offered the world. Remember their kindness, love, and spirit. Allow yourself to remember and talk about their life so you can celebrate them in many ways. 

2. Keep a healthy diet

Losing people and pets is stressful. It triggers your need to eat something sweet and fatty. It is also the reason why grieving people often eat unhealthy food. And while it is sometimes normal to eat cravings, it is different when grieving. Eating high-sugar and high-fat foods will only make you feel worse. Instead of eating junk, remember to keep a well-balanced diet. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and always hydrate. These will help you recover faster, and you will feel much better. 

3. Exercising and moving helps

While grieving, you tend to sleep all day and cry all night. I would do the same. But as you mourn, your body changes, and your stress levels increase. You feel depressed, agitated, and wallow in sorrow. It is not easy to find the strength to do anything. The lack of motivation and inspiration to leave your room is crippling. But ask yourself: Will my loved one approve of my behavior right now? Of course not, so you must do something about it. 

Exercising during this season of your life is essential. You don’t have to go big time on exercising if you don’t have the strength. Instead, try taking a walk to clear your head or thoughts. You can also meditate to help ease your anxieties and depression. As you walk, take in the fresh air and be thankful for the life of your deceased loved one. Say a prayer, or talk to them even in your mind. Know that they will be there to guide us in these dark times. And when you feel better, that’s the best time to enroll in an exercise class. No matter how hard it is, learn to keep moving. In no time, you will be back to your old self once more. 

4. Get enough rest and sleep. 

When we are mourning and grieving, we tend to stay up late and go through all our memories with our deceased loved ones. We reminisce and remember everything. We bargain for things to be different, and this causes us to lose sleep. Grief is an exhausting emotional journey. And losing sleep is one of its effects. Falling asleep seemed impossible, and if you could sleep, you’d wake up in the middle of the night for some reason. In some cases, other people tend to sleep too much. It’s overthinking and exhaustion that keep us up most of the time. 

To recover from this, be sure to go to bed at your regular sleeping hours. Follow a bedtime routine too. Avoid taking caffeine or caffeinated drinks before bedtime. Do these one step at a time, and before you know it, you can sleep better than you did before. 

5. Get checked

Stress is your number one enemy when you’re grieving. Most of the time, we tend to ignore our health when mourning. But don’t let it be the case. Have yourself checked; schedule all your doctor’s appointments and set your alarms. While grieving is a natural response, taking care of ourselves is essential as we go through this process. We only have one life, and our deceased loved one will surely disapprove of your lack of care. So, it would be best to set it all and go to your appointments. 

6. Reach out to your living friends and family

We may miss our departed loved ones, but life doesn’t end there for us. You still have remaining friends and family waiting for you, so remember to reach out. Talk to them, and connect with them once more. Even if you feel isolated, know that there are people there for you. If you can, set up a meeting over coffee or lunch. Invite people over. Talk about the good times you’ve all shared with your deceased loved one or even your dearly departed pets. There’s always room for love, and you are not alone; remember that. 

Your Takeaway

We all know that we will be gone from this life sooner or later, but at the same time, we can’t help but feel the awful pain of losing the people or pets we love most. And losing someone we love dearly is almost an impossible phase to overcome, but you can do it. They may be gone, but they live on in our minds and hearts for as long as we live. 

Life must, and it does go on even though we don’t have them around anymore. But be at peace with the thought that we will see them again when our time is over. Let’s mourn and help ourselves recover healthily with these tips. This is what we must do right now.