6 Ways to Practice Mindful Communication

Jun 13, 2023 | Live it Not in it

 6 Ways to Practice Mindful Communication

Over the recent years, you probably heard people talk about being mindful. One popular concept is the practice of mindful communication. While most of the benefits of being mindful are ] internal and personal, there are other ways to show our mindfulness to benefit others. Conscious communication can help us improve our relationships and make our way through difficult conversations. How can you benefit from this? More so, how does this affect others? 

How to Practice Mindful Communication

Bringing mindfulness into your interactions can be beneficial to you and the other people involved. And when it comes to communication, there are six ways to be mindful of it. Here’s how you can do that:

Being present

When you are mindful, you notice almost everything – from the buzzing of the bees,  the sound of people walking on the pavement, and everything else around you. It is the same when you practice mindful communication. The only difference is you are present and focusing your attention on the person talking. So, instead of noticing everything in the background, see the person in front of you and listen to that person. This is beneficial because many times we find ourselves drifting from the conversation, being mindful allows you to recognize the break in communication and gives you the ability to bring yourself back quickly.  

Listen with intentions

Sometimes, we have a habit of not listening when we are not that interested in the conversation. But if you are practicing mindful communication, you should learn how to listen well. Realize that just because you are not completely interested doesn’t mean that you won’t have anything beneficial to offer. Whenever someone speaks, make sure to let them finish talking before talking or butting in the conversation. Instead of thinking about responding or what to say, let them finish before saying your opinion. It will also keep you from thinking hard about what to say and fully engaged in the dialogue. 

Connect with people

Being connected with people is not only about being there. It is also about the body language you show, tone of voice, facial expression, and many other cues. This connection helps eliminate distractions that could cloud the conversation and help you fully connect to the person you are talking to. Practicing this will not only help you become a good communicator but also be mindful of your ways. 

Practice kindness

Whatever the topic of the conversation is, practicing kindness is also an excellent way to express mindful communication. Notice that when you react with compassion instead of judgment, the conversation becomes light-hearted. Practicing kindness does not mean agreeing with everything someone says but rather responding in a calm, honest, and considerate manner.

If you do not agree with what the person has to say Instead of reacting brashly, show compassion and provide an explanation or an alternative viewpoint. It allows for better communication and fosters mutual respect. 

Breathe in and out

Sometimes, a simple conversation can turn into a debate. If you ever find yourself in this situation, don’t forget to breathe. Whenever you communicate with others, make it a conscious decision to breathe correctly. You will be amazed at how focused and clear-minded you will be with just one intentional breathing. 

Consider the stories to tell

When you tell people something about yourself, do you quickly blurt everything out in the open? Or do you pause for a while and rethink the stories you want to share? 

You may tell people negative things about yourself, but you will ask yourself where these things came from when you practice mindful communication. This allows for a good perspective of your internal thoughts. The stories you tell and the way you talk about yourself all reflect your internal dialogue and the way you view yourself.

If these stories do not add value to your life or conversation, then dismiss them. It is healthy to laugh at yourself but don’t put yourself down, be your best hypeman.

Your Takeaway

The practice of mindful communication does not mean you are just being nonjudgmental or chill about it. For you to effectively communicate, you must show effort, and intention and practice it daily. Mindful communication is all about loving others through your self-awareness. Taking time to practice this every day makes you a better communicator and helps you develop better relationships in the process.