7 Reasons to Unplug Yourself from the World

May 2, 2023 | Live it Not in it

7 Reasons to Unplug Yourself from the World

From the moment we wake up, we often search for our phones or open our laptops to check for the latest news and updates. It has become our routine, lifestyle and an excellent reason to unplug yourself from the world. 

You may have heard of the word “unplug,” but what does it mean when we say unplug yourself from the world? Does it mean you should stay away from society and become a hermit? Of course not, but when you think about it, hermits live peaceful lives! All jokes aside, there are plenty of reasons why you should unplug. Not only will you benefit from it, but it will give you a sense of purpose. Here’s why. 

Unplugging Yourself from the World Has Benefits

Some of us long for peace and quiet. With the chaos and stress that we face every day, it is easy to feel drained. Unplugging from your usual routine can impact how you function in general. 

1. Start your day with yourself.

There will always be something that needs you from the moment you wake up. It could be a spouse that needs your help, a crying child that needs feeding, or your animals who need to go potty outside. Whatever situation you have, take time to pause for a moment and start the day prioritizing yourself. 

I know, you might say it is even impossible to brush your teeth for five minutes without thinking of things to do! But when you intentionally set aside time to deal with yourself first, everything else follows. Set your intentions for the day, perhaps grab a cup of coffee, write down your thoughts in a journal – reflect even just for ten minutes each day. Taking time to align yourself with the day helps ease your mind. And because you know what your intentions for the day are, it gives you a sense of peace and strength knowing that you can get them done. 

2. Don’t open your phone.

These days, everyone seems to be attached to their phones. Take away a phone from a Gen Z, and they start to wheeze! Kidding aside, this is indeed happening. Some of us cannot function properly without connecting to a gadget. Whether it be a phone or a computer, a lot of us are plugged in. It is also one of the reasons why unplugging yourself from the world is a must. 

Avoid checking your phone every five minutes. Trust me; you are not missing anything. Unplugging means disciplining yourself from constantly scrolling through your newsfeed, watching distressing videos, or hearing upsetting news. If you want peace, practice detaching yourself from social media or your gadgets in general [1]. 

3. Traveling is the best teacher.

When you have time, pack your bags and travel. Yes, you heard me. If you rarely travel, this is the best time to create an itinerary and plan a trip for you. Traveling is one of the best (and sometimes worse) experiences that you will have. It teaches you to be resilient, presents your courage, and teaches you that not everything revolves in your world. It also exposes you to different cultures, places, and experiences that you cannot have if you only sit in front of your work. 

Traveling to a foreign country other than yours is an exciting experience. Some people travel for fun, others to “find themselves” in the process, which I think is an excellent way to know yourself better and unplug from the world. If you haven’t traveled yet, it’s about time that you do! Grab the opportunity today and enjoy the benefits. 

4. Read empowering books.

Reading sounds like a chore, but this is a good alternative if you are looking to unplug. If you cannot travel, reading a good book can also take you to places. You don’t have to read the entire book in one sitting. Reading a few chapters every day helps. 

If you love self-help books, you can start with that – you can even take down notes as you reflect on it. Not only are you unplugging yourself from the world, but you are also learning, discovering, and applying these uplifting b in your life. 

5. Turn to nature and unplug yourself from the world.

One of the best ways to unplug is to go and be with nature [2]. Soaking in the natural sounds of birds, animals and taking in fresh air is refreshing. It also recharges your energy and gives you a sense of calm and peace. So, whenever you can, take time and be with nature. Exposing yourself to fresh air, sunshine, and a clean environment is not only good for your body but also your soul. 

6. Put your notifications on silent.

Being constantly reminded that you have a text to reply to, an email to read, a phone to answer, and a post to like is overwhelming. Unplug yourself by putting these notifications on silent. See how peaceful your day is? Keep in mind that you don’t have to respond to everything. You don’t have to answer a call or reply to a message ALL the time. Relax, take a breather, take a walk, and just ignore the notifications. You will live through it! Once you have gathered yourself, then you can send a reply or return a call. Always remember that you have a choice of engaging in these things or not. You decide. 

7. Go cold turkey!

Sometimes it is ideal to go and be uncontactable for 24 hours without telling anyone where you are going or what time you will be back. It’s like an intentional reset of yourself. You can always leave a note if you want to be careful, but you can always disappear for a while if you’re going to. Of course, you must be ready and plan as well (just to be safe!) too. If things get too overwhelming and you feel like you cannot take another day, unplug yourself from the world, but do it with precaution. Give it a try and see how you feel. You will find that it is liberating! 

Last Thoughts

We all experience stress in life, and sometimes, it can be very draining. Once you find yourself screaming, “I’m done! I’m done!” – this is the best time to unplug. Go, free yourself from the chaos, search for peace and come back strong. You will be happier than you did!