7 Ways You Can Be a Better Person

Dec 3, 2022 | Just Be

7 Ways You Can Be a Better Person

Being “nice” is such a chore that we don’t practice them daily. Maybe because as human beings, our first instinct is to survive and save ourselves rather than thinking of others. Don’t blame yourself though, blame your caveman ancestors who had to learn to defend themselves from the elements and predators before they can be nice to others. 

In that sense and fast forward to today’s society, being nice has its advantages. Even if you’re not the best one in the room, you can always choose to be the better one among others. Here are seven ways to be a nice person even when you’re not.

A Childhood Epiphany: How to Be a Better Person

Growing up, I lost count of people telling me to be nice or play nicely. I was not even aware that I was not a “nice” kid until I realized I used to bully many of my classmates. It may seem funny now, but I thought my assertiveness was natural, and everyone else is like that. My awakening happened when I was a teenager, and someone told me they were scared of me because they said I always had an intimidating aura. Imagine that!

I laughed about it now, but I recalled times when I was mean to someone, which was not a good feeling. As I progressed into adulthood, I realized that being nice is something we should practice doing. Being nice does not start arguments or screaming and yelling. More reason why we should practice them, right? Here are ways to become a better person:

1. Give yourself a boost.

You can start by giving yourself compliments. Try boosting yourself with positive words, whether a nice haircut or a new outfit. Once you feel good on the inside, this joy radiates from within. When you are happy, it is contagious. Find a mantra or a word of compliment you can give yourself every day. The more you do it, the more you feel better about yourself. 

2. Let your anger go.

Once you hold on to anger, how you feel about it will eventually come out. You cannot bottle up emotions for long. Not only does it fester inside you, but it will also affect you physically, leading to digestive problems and even heart diseases [1]

Learn to let go of what is hurting or making you angry. Forgive those who made you angry even if they don’t ask for it. It would be best to forgive them for your peace of mind.

3. Be willing to change your old ways.

Change is not always an easy thing to do. Often, we are afraid to let go of what we are used to, and we decline any changes. But change is good, and it is something that we should embrace and do. Having an open mind is a ground for growth. So be willing to change and learn to accept them wholeheartedly. 

4. Take accountability.

One of the ways to be a better person is when you accept the outcome of your actions. Taking accountability for your decisions is one way to do it. Stop blaming others for your mistakes. When you own up to your wrong choices, it is easier to change your habits and be the person you want to be. 

5. Respect is the key.

Being respectful is also being mindful. You are also self-aware when you respect someone’s beliefs, opinions, work, and everything else.  And when you are self-aware, you know how to respect others naturally.

6. Listen to others.

It is easier to tackle a situation when you open your ears to other people [2]. You get to think first before responding, and you have the opportunity to plan out the steps you need. Listening to others can help change you and your life more positively. 

7. Don’t be afraid to educate yourself. 

If you have no idea how to be a better person, read about it. Sometimes, knowledge doesn’t always come to us; we go to them. We learn about them. We read about it, learn about it and apply it in our lives. Don’t be afraid to educate yourself. There is always something to learn and keep in mind that everything is connected. It would be best to find the path to be the better version of yourself. 

Your Takeaway

Life has lessons that we sometimes cannot avoid, and one of them is becoming the best version of ourselves. Being a better person does not happen overnight. The truth is, there is a myriad of ways that you can do too. It is not always an excellent path to take but taking one step at a time is the key. You can take self-help classes, listen to encouraging podcasts, watch how-to videos, attend seminars, join clubs that help people like you, and many others. Whatever steps you take, you must keep trying.