8 Behaviors That Build Respect for People

Jan 18, 2022 | Live it Not in it

Showing people that you respect them is an acquired attitude. Let’s face it, not all of us can show respect towards other people, and that’s the reality. However, it is easier to maintain peace among your peers when you know the behaviors that build respect for people. Whether you are talking to an acquaintance, friends, or strangers, showing respect will show them the kind of person you are. 

You Can Change Your Behavior

So, how can you show people that you care and respect them as an individual? Here are ten behaviors that could help you. 

Practice active listening 

One of the first behaviors that you should practice is active listening [1]. When someone is talking to you, you must learn to give your attention to them. Active listening is all about staying engaged in a conversation. You show that you value their topic by nodding and asking follow-up questions and listening to what they say. 

Affirming their feelings or opinions

Affirming one’s feelings or opinion shows you respect them. Validating their achievements and hard work shows that you respect their efforts as well. It will also show that you admire their dedication, and showing your support will tell them that you appreciate them. 

Empathize different perspective

There will come a time when you will clash with other people. Nevertheless, showing that you respect their opinion can pacify a conflict. It is not always easy to understand certain beliefs and ideas, but you earn their respect when you become the bigger person. If you disagree with someone, don’t take it personally and start a fuzz. Remember, we all came from different cultures, backgrounds, and races. Not everyone will be your cup of tea!

Apologize when you’re wrong

Saying sorry is the hardest thing to do. It’s even more complicated than saying goodbye! But when you realize that you are in the wrong, apologize. A simple I am sorry can go a long way and may even make someone feel better. So, let down your pride and show them you care. Saying sorry will not only fix things but will earn you points as well. 

Be polite

Perhaps one of the most specific behaviors that build respect is being polite. When you say thank you, you’re welcome – these magic words can make someone feel appreciated and respected. It is simple: showing them respect is the key if you want others to treat you the same!

Show gratefulness

The easiest way to show respect is when you direct your gratitude towards other people. Giving thanks and showing people you appreciate them is all it takes. Take time to enjoy them; saying thank you for their support and hard work can go a long way!

Have an open mind

Keeping an open mind means you must learn how to hear others, and yes, even if this means you need to listen to those you disagree with [2]. If you want others to respect you, you must also treat each person you encounter with dignity and love.  You cannot always change their minds, but you can always listen and have an open mind. It’s always the simplest thing that can make a difference and bring peace. 

Keep your emotions at bay

While it is easy to start an argument to see who is right, this will not resolve any conflict. Keeping your emotions in check will help you maintain peace. Your beliefs and opinions may differ, but you must remember that each person deserves respect and a right to an idea. So take the time to pause and reflect on your emotions even before speaking up. Be sure to engage in kindness before you engage with others. It will lead you to better conversations. 

Why Showing Respect is Important

Whether you are 15 or 50, showing respect to others shows the kind of person you are. Being respectful is the correct response to society, encourages good behavior, builds relationships, and most importantly, affirms those worthy of respect. Practicing this every day will help you become a better version of yourself.