8 Easy and Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

Apr 4, 2023 | Live it Not in it

8 Easy and Healthy Habits You Can Start Today

Starting a new habit and breaking your old ones is challenging. Not all of us can easily break away from what we are used to. However, there are healthy habits you can start to develop today. And if you want to live a more active, healthier lifestyle, forming new habits is necessary. 

Now, a new habit does not have to be something big. You can start with the simple ones. Consciously doing the things that you value develops into habits. Here are simple yet effective practices you can do daily. 

#1. Wake up early and eat a healthy breakfast

Not all of us are early birds (I’m looking at you, people who wake up cheery at 4 am!); however, waking up at a decent hour is essential for your health. Remember that the circadian rhythm helps regulate your sleep and wake patterns. It is naturally set by our natural environment, thus responding to the setting and rising of the sun. It also corresponds with the body’s natural cortisol levels which play a crucial role in our immune system, stress response, metabolism, and energy levels. You maximize energy and productivity when your body follows the natural circadian rhythm and normal cortisol cycle. 

Eating a healthy breakfast is part of the healthy habits you can do every day. A breakfast high in fiber and protein will keep you energized and full. It will help lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Not only that, eating breakfast reduces brain fog and energizes you for whatever work you may have for the day. 

#2. Take a 10-minute walk. 

Walking for 10 minutes can help boost your cardiovascular system’s health. According to the American Heart Association, you must engage in 150 minutes of exercise per week for your heart’s health, but what if you don’t have the time to do that? Walking is the key. Spending 10 to 30 minutes walking daily can boost the function of your heart muscles. If you work at home, take a break for at least an hour and dedicate time for walking (if you don’t like running). Doing this at least five times a week can lead to a healthier lifestyle. 

#.3 Drink your water

By now, you probably know how vital drinking water is. Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is recommended, but if you can drink more, great! Water helps normalize our temperature and helps lubricate our joints. It also protects sensitive tissues in your body and your spinal cord. When you drink water, you are helping your body get rid of waste products through urination, sweating, and pooping. 

#4. Eat one fruit a day

For your daily needs of vitamins and minerals, eating at least one fruit each day helps. Of course, the daily supplements you take can also do that, but eating fruit is an organic and natural way to get them. Not only that, fruits have natural fiber that can help digestion. If you suffer from constipation and other bowel issues, eating fruits rich in fiber can help. 

#5. Go to bed early

You will need more sleep if you have a habit of scrolling through your phone way past bedtime. Instead, choose to go to bed earlier than usual. Avoid bringing or opening your phone before bed; shut it off. Sleep experts recommend getting at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep, but not all of us can get consistent sleep. If you feel like you did not get enough sleep, try to sneak in some nap time. 

Not having enough sleep can affect your body. When you lose sleep, your body’s production of hormones leads to weight gain. You are also at risk for obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea can also develop in the long run. 

#6. Form a bedtime routine

Your bedtime routine is one of the healthy habits you can work on today. Before going to sleep, take a warm bath or shower. Clean yourself from head to toe, and enjoy a relaxing bubble bath when you can. It will help remove the dirt and grime off your body, making you feel more relaxed as you set yourself for bed. Be sure to clean your face (if you have a face care routine), brush your teeth, and change into fresh, clean clothes. Not only will you feel refreshed and relaxed, but it will also help you sleep better. 

#7. Read a book

You don’t have to read one book in one sitting. Start by reading five pages a day. Reading the right book will keep your brain sharp and your mind healthy. You can check out your local library for good books if you do not own any.

Reading also reduces stress and, at the same time, prevents age-related cognitive decline. So, read a book instead of browsing through your phone before sleeping. It helps in promoting a good night’s sleep. 

#8. Change what you eat when cravings hit

If you crave junk foods, eliminate them by eating something healthy. Instead of eating junk food, eat fruit. Try eating low-fat dairy and whole grains, and include healthy oils in your diet, like olive oil and fruits, for your sugary cravings. 

Your Takeaway

Creating healthy habits is possible. However, you cannot incorporate these habits all at once. Instead, take one step at a time and only do those you feel comfortable with. Small healthy habits are good; the more you do them, the more likely you will do them in the long run. The best thing you can do is take your time and work on individual habits to ensure your success in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.