8 Healthy Ways to Release Anger

May 16, 2023 | Just Be

8 Healthy Ways to Release Anger

Anger is the rawest emotion any human being can feel. Who hasn’t felt angry? I’m sure all of us have dealt with this kind of emotion. It’s infuriating when you cannot take out your anger on the person you’re mad at. Of course, it’s wrong to take matters into your hands, but what about the stress you felt? How can you release your anger without doing damage to yourself or others? 

The pandemic has brought all of us to our knees, and as a healthcare worker, you’ve probably dealt with many situations where your patience has been tested. With so many people arguing about whether to wear a mask and the increasing number of cases, this frustration can blow up into a rage. 

Release the Kraken… In a Healthy Way!

Anger is a natural emotion. It is even a healthy reaction. But when you are not careful, your anger can lead to many things or worse. That said, it would be best to know how to release your anger healthily so you don’t feel stressed or powerless. Here’s how:

Think before speaking

When emotions are high, saying something you will regret is possible. It is easy to be persuaded by your emotions, but before you do that, collect your thoughts and hold your tongue. You must know how to and when to react. Thinking before you speak can save your life and the other party involved. 

Recite your favorite mantra or meditate

A calming phrase can make your anger easier to express. If you have a favorite phrase, try saying it slowly and repeatedly until you are no longer overwhelmed, frustrated, or angry. You can say this out loud, under your breath, and even in your head. As you do, remind yourself that this is just a temporary emotion and situation. 

Meditation is one way to help release anger. Sparing 10-15 minutes daily can help focus your thoughts and intentions for the day. It will also help you stay calm whenever you’re triggered or feel angry. It’s also an excellent way to ground yourself.

Get physical – exercise!

One of the best and safest ways to vent your anger is by exercising. It helps reduce stress and increases your happy hormones. So the next time you feel your anger escalates, go for a walk or run. You can also go to the gym if you’re up for it. Working out at home is okay if the gym isn’t an option. Taking time to do enjoyable physical activities will make you happier too. 

Visualization helps

When you’re angry, all you can think about is getting even. But hold that thought and go to your happy place. Even in the middle of a traffic jam or delayed flight, sit back and paint a picture of yourself in a happy place. This will help calm your body and thoughts.

Think of a place (real or imaginary) and picture yourself happy and safe there. It can be you going on a holiday, relaxing on a beach – whatever it is, go to that place. 

Focus on your five senses – what do you smell? what do you see? can you feel anything? what do you hear? As you do this, be aware of your breathing too. Keep this image in your mind until you no longer feel angry or frustrated. 

Look for possible solutions

It is easy to be blinded by your judgment in the heat of the moment, but before you do that, pause and look for possible solutions to the problem. Are you currently angry at your spouse? Or at a coworker? Is the problem solvable? Can you find a way to make amends? Is there something you can do to clear the air? 

Make sure you understand the situation and be realistic about it. What do you think you could have done to avoid the problem? Remind yourself that fighting fire with fire does not solve anything, and getting worked up in anger will only make it worse. Always make it a habit to see the solutions. It will help de-escalate the problem. 

Use Humor

Finding the funny, even in a difficult situation, is a skill that not many can master. Seeing the hilarious moments in a heated moment can keep your perspective balanced. But this doesn’t mean you have to laugh at the seriousness of the problem. It simply means you know how to handle a situation lightheartedly. 

So the next time you feel frustrated, give yourself a break and find the funny side of things. You’ll be surprised to know that there’s always something funny in these situations, as annoying as they can be. 

Know your triggers

Sometimes, some things annoy us that we don’t even know in the first place. Take note of these and find an alternative solution to them. If you hate that you’re always stuck in traffic at this specific location, change your route. Buy noise-canceling headphones if you prefer to listen to less noise at work or when you’re out in public. 

Any trigger has a solution, but you must be aware of yours. Once you are aware of these triggers, you can avoid them. If you don’t know what your triggers are, take a moment to collect your thoughts and remind yourself to take a moment the next time you are fuming. Retrace your thoughts and identify what led to your anger, so you know what to do the next time you encounter it. 

Know when to seek help

Getting angry or frustrated is normal, but you might have anger issues if you can’t shake off your anger. It would be best to seek help right away. 

If your anger ruins your relationships and takes over your job, talking to a qualified therapist helps. They can help you work out your anger and improve your coping skills. Remember, it is okay to be angry, but if it happens too often and gets out of control, it’s time to seek help. 

Anger is normal. It’s part of our humanity, but when you feel like this anger is taking over your life all the time, it’s time to seek help. Don’t let anger boil inside you, either. Hopefully, these tips will help you find ways to release anger healthily. We only have one life, don’t let anger or resentment block you from your happiness.