8 Ways to Enhance Your Meditation Skills

Mar 7, 2023 | Inhale l Exhale

Enhance Your Meditation Skills

There are many ways to enhance your meditation skills. Meditating every day has its benefits and has proven to be helpful in many ways. While waking up each day to do yoga or breathing exercises sometimes feel like a chore to some, there are ways to keep it exciting.

How to Enhance Them

If you are looking for ways to improve your meditation skills, we have you covered in this post. Here are eight ways to enhance your meditation skills. 

Try adding aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a method used in meditation with the use of the natural aromatic extract of plants. It promotes mental, physical, and spiritual health by inhaling and smelling the essential oils. Adding it with your meditation helps you focus on your breathing patterns, an object, or a particular thought. 

Choose a quiet place

Finding a good spot to meditate is essential in keeping your meditation going. It must be somewhere quiet, free from distractions, and comfortable enough for you to sit during your session. If you have the money, investing in a meditation chair or yoga mat is also a good idea. 

Make use of free meditation apps

If you are a beginner in meditation but don’t know how to start, meditation apps can help you [1]. Meditation is complex without getting distracted, which is why these apps can help improve your skills. Some apps can also help you with guided imagery which is essential in enhancing your meditation.

Binaural audios are helpful too

Listening to sound waves is a great addition to your meditation. A good pair of headphones, a quiet, comfy place to meditate, and an audio track of a sustained reverberating tone can help you avoid distractions during meditation. 

Use breathing exercise techniques, for starters

The simplest form of meditation is focusing on your breathing techniques. If you don’t have a meditation app or binaural audio to help you, this is the best way to start your session. The use of controlled breathing will help you focus on how the air fills your lungs and lead you to your meditation zone. When you focus on inhaling and exhaling, everything else seems to fade away. 

Pick a mediation style that works

There are plenty of meditation styles out there, and choosing one that works for you is essential. Some meditation styles may be tougher to grasp for you, while others may be easier. Choosing one that works well for you is all you need, and practicing them daily for at least 15 minutes will help you get into a better space before your day starts. 

Turn meditation into a habit

According to studies, you need at least 18 days to turn something into a habit [2]. Adding meditation into your daily routine will help you in many ways, but for that to work, you must consistently meditate for at least 18 days until you are used to doing that. Meditation is hard work, but you will find yourself more focused once you get used to it.

Take it one day at a time

Getting used to meditating takes time, so do not force yourself to get in the “zone” right away. It takes patience and lots of practice. Don’t think about it too much; if you keep obsessing if it is working or not, then you will most likely fail. So focus on what you learn each day and keep practicing. You will eventually reach your meditation goals.

In Closing

It is true what they say; nobody becomes an expert at something on the first try. It takes time and practice. It goes the same when you are meditating. If you get distracted, try again. You enhance your meditation skills by practicing each day, and that is all you need to do. We hope that you find these tips helpful. Enjoy your meditation!