Being Present in the Moment and the Ways You Can Do Them

Jan 22, 2022 | Just Be

Being in the Moment

Being present in the moment is something that we should work on more often within ourselves. With everything that is going on around us, it is easy to get distracted. One moment we’re participating in a conversation; the next thing we know is that our minds are elsewhere. 

The Ways You Can Do Them

Don’t get me wrong, staying present in the moment is easier said than done! And being in the moment can be a struggle at times; however, you can do it! Here’s how to be present in every moment [1]:

Practice mindfulness

By now, you are probably aware of mindfulness meditation. Whether you are doing yoga or meditation, practicing mindfulness takes time, patience, energy, and dedication to achieve a sense of awareness. Knowing your intentions and setting them for the day helps you become aware of the present. 

Being thankful for the small things

Whether it’s your fave coffee, the color of the sky, the flowers, a penny you found by the road, or whatever it is that makes your day remarkable, celebrate it! You must learn how to appreciate the small things just as you do with the big ones. Finding joy in your everyday life is what makes you live the moment. 

Have fun

The majority of us are busy with our lives, and most of the time, we don’t have enough time to do the things we want. It’s like clockwork – work, eat, sleep. And if we don’t find time to have fun, we will lose ourselves in the business of our lives [2]. 

No matter how busy our lives get, dedicate some time to experience moments. The time you share with family and friends can help strengthen your bonds and improve your outlook in life. It will also serve as your driving force in the most distressing times of your life. Your work will always be there, but you cannot take back lost moments. So find time and enjoy; we are not born just to pay bills after all!

Practice active listening

One of the best ways to practice being present is to be an active listener. It is giving your full attention through empathetic listening. It means, when someone is talking,  you should give them your undivided attention. Making eye contact, asking questions, and validating the speaker’s experiences shows that you care about them and are there in that moment for them. 

Find balance in your everyday life

Being present in the moment means you have to balance your everyday activities. While it is great to plan out our calendar, you must also be flexible in handling unexpected situations. You may not please everyone, but being flexible can help you to be present in different cases. 

Remove distractions

One way to be present is to remove distractions that could hinder your concentration. Identifying what these distractions are will help you focus on the things that matter most. Once you have recognized these distractions, create an action plan on how you can avoid them.

Reflecting can help

Whenever you feel distracted or clouded, pause and take a break. Take time to reflect on yourself – check in with your thoughts and find out what is bothering you. As you do, list down the things you are grateful for and those that made you unhappy. Reflect on them and see which part of your list needs more improvement. It will also teach you to think more positively and help you to be more focused on the days ahead. 

Disconnect from the digital world

It is challenging to disconnect from a world where social media platforms run everyone’s lives. But sometimes, disconnecting from the digital world is beneficial. Read a book, get a well-deserved nap, take a walk outside and breathe fresh air. Going through the day without your devices is not easy, but it helps you connect with yourself and be present in the moment. 

In Closing

Being present in the moment must be practiced every day. Remember, we are already busy people. Finding time to reflect on yourself is essential if you want to keep moving. Even if you cannot find the solution right away, pausing and refocusing yourself at the moment surely helps and provides you with insights on what steps to take next! So make it a daily habit; you can never go wrong with being present.