Build Your Self-Esteem with These Tips

Nov 24, 2021 | Just Be

How you build your self-esteem is crucial. It can help you in many ways than you think. When we say self-esteem, it is how you value yourself. It is your opinion of yourself and your abilities. Some people have high; others have it low, while others have it somewhere in between. Developing self-esteem is vital to your success. But how can you build self-esteem? Here are helpful tips that you can apply. 

Building Self-Esteem at an Early Age

Those who have high self-esteem were encouraged by their parents at an early age. Children supported and loved by their parents early on grow up to be confident and secure individuals [1]. As they grow older, they confront their problems head-on and are not afraid to take risks. It is easier for them to resist peer pressure and make their own decisions. 

That said, it is essential to paint a positive image of your child at an early age so they can grow up to be confident, happy, and independent people. 

Tips to Build Your Self-Esteem

If you did not grow up in an environment where praising and encouragement are scarce, it is easy to feel unvalued and develop low self-esteem. But that does not mean you must remain in that situation. You can always choose to do something about it or stay the same. Here are excellent tips on building your self-esteem. 

Identify your good traits

One of the first things you should consider about yourself is your good traits. Identifying the positive things about yourself will help you feel better about yourself. These positive traits could be anything; they could even be nice things people have said about you. When you feel bad or low, read these things and remind yourself that something is good about you. Reminding yourself of these good traits will help you avoid falling back into negative thinking and feel more positive about yourself [2].

Comparison kills self-esteem

One of the main reasons some people do not have high self-esteem is that they keep comparing their success with others. Keep in mind that life is not a race; we all run at our own pace. Suppose someone appears better than you or is more capable than you can; be happy for them. Comparing yourself with others will only make you feel insecure. It would be best if you focused on your life and not others. Remind yourself that you are making progress every time you improve or fail, not the other way around. 

Be kind to yourself

We all put ourselves under some pressure at some point. Our self-esteem is affected every hour from day to day, depending on the situation. Some of us may control ourselves around our friends, but it is the complete opposite for strangers. Others have it the other way. That is why being kind to yourself is crucial.

Don’t be too hard on yourself, nor be too critical! This is something that many of us often do. Criticizing yourself only fuels the negative emotions you already feel. Boost your self-esteem by rewarding yourself whenever you accomplish something good. Eat ice cream after a bad day, or get a spa day if you have a tough time. You will be surprised how it can affect your mood and lift your confidence. 

Take care of your health

Eating right and getting enough exercise can boost your self-esteem. Not only are you taking care of your physical health, but you are also taking care of your mental health. Getting enough rest, eating a proper diet, and exercising plays a vital role in your overall outlook in life. You also become more focused on yourself and the goals you want to accomplish. 

Focus on what you can change

There are so many things in life that we cannot control. Sometimes it is easier to hang on to the things that failed, but that will not change anything. Instead of doing that, focus on the ones you can change or do. Identify the things you can do something about and focus your energy on that. 

Building Your Self-Esteem is Possible

It’s easy to listen to your negative thoughts. When you are down, it is easier to stay down, right? However, you do not have to feel that way. Building your self-esteem is doable. It will not grow overnight, but if you give room for improvements, it will surely help. If you fail at something, don’t feel bad. Pick yourself up, and try again. The more you stick to your habits, the better you become.