Can You Have Multiple Passions?

Apr 30, 2021 | Live it Not in it

Can You Have Multiple Passions?

When you find your passion, you tend to have a career that you’re happier in. This passion allows ejecting more positive emotions, leading to becoming more satisfied with life compared to people that haven’t found their passion. Discovering your passions in life is a beautiful gift.

Is it possible to tackle multiple passions at once?

A lot of people might tell you that you need to pick one.

I spoke to someone over a cup of coffee, and the topic of careers came up. I explained how I found my passion for medicine and became a nurse, but I recently discovered another passion for entrepreneurship.

That individual responded with “Wow I think you are in the wrong career.” At that point in time, I decided not to argue. I asked myself why can’t have multiple passions?

I disagree with society’s assumption that each individual has to follow one career/passion to find success. In the past, I have always considered the notion of being involved in multiple passions as a good thing. I followed medicine into becoming a nurse as a career.

I created a blog on self-improvement to help cultivate your own perspective in life. In this tech-savvy society pursuing multiple-field passions, even careers are attainable and can bring future advantages.

  • Embrace your path.
  • Two important words: crossroads
  • Pursue: meaning GO FOR IT. Commit and be persistent.
  • Passion: Compelling feelings towards interests. Figure out why you love it. Passion is the fire that lights your way.

Why is Passion so Important?

I believe everyone in the world has a purpose. It takes human intelligence and time to understand your purpose. You just can’t travel to Paris and have a light-bulb moment to find life’s purpose. This is why passion is needed. Without passion, it is impossible to progress in life. Human excellence begins when your heart beats something you’re passionate about. The discovery of this passion absorbs you, challenges you, and gives you a sense of meaning.

Discover passion

Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand. Without true passion, your happiness will become temporary because there isn’t enough meaning behind your happiness to make it last. Pursuing your passions will lead to a higher feeling of fulfillment. Fulfillment will create lasting well-being.

Why people should begin being open-minded on multiple passions:

You’ll open more doors

Millennials are not cursed like our parents with the challenges that they had to face. If you are in your 20s, 30s, and 40s, your parents faced being stuck to one career path and committed to a lifestyle of one job. You are not faced with the same plague, so why not change your perspective? This may sound cheesy but follow your heart; the sky’s the limit.

We compete in a tight job market, and a college diploma isn’t as valued as it used to be. Passion leads to broader experience or possibly multiple careers; both are an advantage that will lead to fallback options. The vast spectrum of knowledge will make you a more valuable asset. An example would be an individual; “Susie” with a career in business but also branching out and following her passion for photography and art. Susie in the future can take that career and passion and land a gig at an animation tech company. This opportunity would never be possible for Susie if she did not have two distinct passions.

Building foundation

Ever since I’ve started blogging, just a few years ago, I took one passion of mine and it has opened doors to many other passions. I have a career in nursing, love it, and nursing has opened other doors for blogging and traveling. I always have nursing to fall back on, but I currently want to explore my passion for blogging. Maybe in the future, I will take all three passions and branch off to something greater. It has yet to come to me, but in the meantime, I will continue to be optimistic.

Faster growth

With a single field “career,” one can say that over time people tend to develop tunnel vision. The benefit of having a lot of different interests is that you’ll train your brain to create new patterns. The patterns picked up in various passions will help you acquire new rich applicable ideas. Like taking photography, writing, and design and becoming an innovative magazine creator.

Take, for example, Albert Einstein. He was an outsider of the physics community with multiple passions in areas such as; human rights, democracy, and educational reform. Einstein was successful because with a broad interest he stimulated lots of growth in the physics community, leading to being an innovator of his time.

Closing Thoughts

Listen, my message to you is; don’t focus on yourself from the outside but rather the inside. Give yourself a chance to listen to yourself, instead of listening to others. Explore your inner passions/interests and follow those thoughts to see where that thought “seed” will take you. Eventually, that seed can sprout, grow, and branch off into multiple passions.