EP 11 – How Lifestyle and Emotions Affect Your Baby

Nov 9, 2022 | Be Well, Podcast

How Lifestyle and Emotions Affect Your Baby with Dr. Isabela Bogdan

The womb is the child’s first home. It is where they develop from the fetus until the mother gives birth. It is why many expecting mothers do their best to eat well, do simple exercises like yoga, meditate, and do regular checkups with their OB-gyne to keep a healthy pregnancy and baby. But what happens when the mother is depressed? What happens when a mother has mood disorders? Will it affect the unborn child? 

On this episode, we’d like to welcome Dr. Isabel Bogdan. Dr. Isabel Bogdan is the owner and founder of belev.co. With 20 years in practice as a women’s health nurse practitioner and a doctorate in nursing practice. Her inspiration comes from a vision to intertwine traditional medicine with a holistic approach to transformational change. Her comprehensive background includes certifications in yoga, perinatal/postpartum care; mental health, and aesthetics; including laser and Botox treatments. 

We talk about the importance of healthy relationships before, during, and after pregnancy. Most importantly we talk about how trauma, lifestyle, and the environment affect the pregnancy and the child moving forward. 


The questions below are some we’d like to tackle. We go off-topic all the time so we don’t expect to hit them all. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

Looking forward to our conversation!

We’d like this episode to focus on trauma/upbringing and the importance of well-being/lifestyle for upbringing. 

  1. Please give us a little background about yourself and your experience.

2. Before a pregnancy, does the relationship between the mom and dad play a role? Before a pregnancy, does the lifestyle play a role in the baby? EX. diet, exercise, mindset, etc…  

3. What does a healthy pregnancy look like? 

  • What should women and men do?
  • How does the lifestyle/well-being of the mom and dad affect the baby?

4. How does the environment play a role in pregnancy?

  • How does the relationship between the mom and dad play a role in the health of a baby?
  • Do emotions affect the baby? Can a fetus experience emotional trauma?

5. What can happen when there are negative emotions in a relationship during pregnancy?

  • Can the child be more prone to certain problems like diabetes or even play a part in that child’s emotions growing up?

6. How does the environment/lifestyle play a role for a baby after they’re born? 

7. Family consciousness – trauma leaves imprints and then becomes the family blueprint as a family member’s unconscious memory. 

Learn how your lifestyle and emotions affect your child by watching this full video 👇👇👇


00:00 Introduction
01:52 About Isabel Bogdan
03:33 How the environment affects a woman’s pregnancy
04:13 Social Determinants of Health
05:26 How post or perinatal depression in women affects newborns
07:32 Mothers who have emotional discomfort
09:13 Interventions for depressed pregnant mothers
11:17 Does depression affects the health of sperm and eggs?
12:40 How do the relationship and lifestyle affect the conception of a baby?
14:14 How to prepare for conception
15:26 How prenatal trauma affects pregnancy
19:23 What is Ancestral and Generational Trauma?
27:41 The role of the partner in the conception of a child?
29:30 The importance of bonding and support
30:57 How epigenetics play a role in child development
32:59 How our emotions affect the development of a child
37:39 Eastern vs Western child upbringing
40:10 Common struggles of a pregnant mother
41:24 The link between ADHD and emotional trauma
44:06 Is leaving a baby crying to sleep a good idea
47:04 Nothing is right or wrong in parenting
48:27 Meeting our emotional needs is vital
49:31 Love can be given in many ways
50:46 A Piece of Advice to Leave Behind
52:37 Wrapping up the show