Ep. 7 How Hypnosis Improves Self Awareness With Tasha Triana

Sep 13, 2022 | Just Be, Podcast

How Hypnosis Improves Self Awareness With Tasha Triana

Did you know that hypnosis improves self-awareness? Here’s how. Self-awareness is a buzzword these days. Many claim to be “self-aware” but lack the understanding of what it truly is. When we talk about self-awareness, it is viewing ourselves clearly for who we are. We are more creative, and confident, and we make sounder decisions. We build better and stable relationships, communicate effectively, and are less likely to cheat, steal or lie. A self-aware individual is a better worker and effective leader, making one an efficient member of society. 

And while this sounds perfect, becoming self-aware is a never-ending journey toward self-discovery. How can you do that? Are there tools to become better people? If you are on the path of being self-aware but lack the information you need to begin, this topic is for you. 

In today’s episode, we would like to introduce you to Tasha Triana. She is a registered nurse turned life and purpose coach. She is also a certified yoga & meditation instructor, and reiki master. Trina also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Through the challenging times in her life, she was inspired to create her business, The Nurtured Nurse. Now if you want to learn how hypnosis improves self-awareness, this one is for you. 

We talk about topics related to mindfulness, hypnosis, and self-awareness. 


The questions below are some we’d like to tackle. We go off-topic all the time so we don’t expect to hit them all. If you have any ideas, please let us know.

Looking forward to our conversation!


  1. Can you give us a brief background about yourself?
  2. How has the practice of mindfulness helped you create conscious choices in life?
  3. I know you started your hypnosis training. Can you tell us what you’ve learned so far on your new journey?
  4. Everyone always talks about the present moment and its importance; how does one focus on the present moment more consciousness in everyday life? 
  5. How do you help humans prioritize themselves, so they can feel more empowered to live their lives? 
  6. How do you begin letting go of self-limiting beliefs and step into your most authentic self? 


Before we end the show we have one last question we like to ask all our guests. What would you share if you had one last chance to share a piece of advice with the world? 

Connect with Tasha to learn more about self-awareness through her Instagram at @thenurturednurse or visit her website at https://www.thenurturednurse.co/ for more information.

Check out the full episode here and learn more about the benefits of hypnosis 👇


00:00 Introduction
01:29 About Tasha Triana
02:03 How Tasha found mindfulness
04:39 How mindfulness practice aided decision-making
06:33 Tasha’s journey to hypnosis
08:36 How Hypnosis Improves Self Awareness
11:12 Definitions of conscious and subconscious minds
14:45 How to stay conscious and be reprogrammed at the same time
18:17 The root causes of our struggles
20:30 How to stay focus
24:32 How and where to begin being present
26:36 Self-destructive behavior
29:12 Healing your younger self
31:22 Hypnosis can deal with the past and the future
35:17 Hypnosis for a specific problem
40:21 Wrapping up the episode