How Accepting People’s Differences Can Change Our Lives

May 9, 2023 | Just Be

At some point in our lives, we all wanted to be accepted. Whether it be in school or work, there is always that need to belong. The process of getting accepted or being part of a group or team takes time, perhaps a lot of negotiating as time goes on. No one likes to be excluded, which is why accepting people’s differences can change our lives. But how can you be accepting of others? What can you benefit from doing this? 

What is Acceptance? 

When we talk about acceptance, it is essentially the core attitude of mindfulness. Being accepting means allowing your experience to be just the way it is instead of opposing or fighting it. Acceptance does not mean giving up your end of the rope, but it is the taking of your experiences. It is the ability to see that others have the right to be their person. When you accept people, you let go of your desire or need to change them because you let them be different. It is acknowledging these experiences as your reality and letting things be [1]. 

How to Accept People’s Differences

The question is, how can you be accepting of people’s differences? How can you learn to tolerate others when we all come from different backgrounds, races, colors, and cultures? Here’s how you can do that.

Allow other people to be themselves.

Imagine opening a box of crayons. How would you feel if this box of crayons only had one color? Useless, right? If you allow people to be themselves and accept them for who they are, our world would be so much better. Imagine if we all have the same personalities, it would be boring. Taking other people regardless of where they came from is an excellent way to practice tolerance. So the next time you meet someone of different ethnicity, color, or culture, talk to them. Learn about who they are; you will be fascinated about how different the way our lives are. Consider it the spice of life! 

Don’t control other people’s feelings. 

Controlling other people’s feelings is like trying to catch the wind with your hands – you can’t! There is no right or wrong; everyone is entitled to feel how they feel. Have you tried to let other people “see things your way,” but in the end, you could not let them go around your way of thinking? The problem is not the people around you but your approach towards them. So, instead of pushing your way of thinking or feeling towards them, be accepting of them. Allow people to have feelings or express their emotions without telling them how they should feel. Be empathetic if you want to live a peaceful life. 

Don’t be too quick to judge others.

It is easier to point out the flaws of others when we cannot even change ours [2]. We often criticize others and pass on judgment without even thinking much about it. If you genuinely want to accept others, we understand that they are doing their best at that moment. 

Avoid comparing people. 

Comparing yourself with others or others to yourself happens more often than we think. If we constantly compare our achievements and accomplishments with others, we will never find joy. We will never appreciate others if we compare them to us. Be self-aware that comparing robs your happiness. Someone will always be more intelligent, more affluent, or happier than us, and we must accept that. Everyone has a different path. 

Have an open mind. 

For you to accept people, you must have an open mind. Being open to other cultures, beliefs, and practices is the key to acceptance. So, the next time you meet someone who came from a different background than you are, talk to them. You will be surprised to know the beautiful things about their beliefs. Don’t let your feelings be in the way of learning about other people. Having an open mind will help you realize that there are so many things to learn other than what you already know. 

Your Takeaway

It is easy to think that you are an accepting person, but at the end of the day, your interactions will show if you are one or not. Pay attention to your thoughts and actions. Are you really accepting of others? Is it a genuine acceptance or just for show? When we are more open to others, it is easier to live a peaceful life. We are made to be different from one another and accepting people’s differences can change our lives. Make sure your intentions align with your actions. You will be happier when you do!