How Life Experiences Build You as a Person

Nov 20, 2021 | Live it Not in it

It is funny how life experiences build you as a person. Life is full of fun, happiness, exciting, hilarious, and even unexpected experiences. Some of these experiences are dark at times and can be life-changing. 

But whatever you are going through, expect that these experiences are bound to teach you a lesson and build your character as a person. It might not happen right away, but when you look at things outside the box, you will realize that the experiences you’ve had were there to help you find your purpose and calling. 

Life Experiences Build Your Skills

When I was younger, my parents would always remind me of the things that I shouldn’t neglect. It could be as simple as making my bed, taking out the trash, learning how to wash my clothes, etc. I hated doing them, being honest. 

As a pre-teen, you tend to think that your parents will be with you forever and that they will always help you with everything, right? Little did I know that those tasks that my parents reminded me of would be helpful to me in the future. 

Looking back as an adult now, I realized that my home-maker skills came from these experiences. I learned to cook at an early age, so now I don’t have to worry about cooking a meal for myself or visitors. Even when I was younger, doing house chores was taught to me, and I took this skill with me now that I am an adult. 

You see, developing specific skills does not happen when you sit there and do nothing. For example, my parents’ initiative to teach me chores paved the way for me to own this set of skills that no school can ever teach. 

Life Experiences Builds Your Personality Traits

Each of our experiences is unique. These help shape the characters that are individually ours. Say a child who grew up in a poor household. They may feel the need to become rich as an adult. A child who experienced bullying may feel the need to become strong [1].

Because of these experiences, individuals develop their personality traits to fulfill their needs. It may not be conscious of why, but their minds continue to seek ways to meet and satisfy those needs. 

On the contrary, you still have a choice to hone these traits. You can choose whether or not to develop the qualities that your experience gave you or change some of the characteristics associated with that experience. How life experiences build you as a person is sometimes tricky. Sometimes it is for good and, at times, for the bad. Learn to distinguish the two, and you will be alright in the end. 

Life Experiences Builds Your Spirituality

When we talk about spirituality, it is not always about religion. Being spiritual is about believing in a Higher Power than yourself. The best example of life experiences that helped build a person’s spirituality is the pandemic. 

The chaos that the pandemic brought to us made us question things in life, while some of us have created an even closer relationship to God or Higher Power [2]. Whatever the reason is, life experiences have taught us to build our spirituality, one way or another. It taught us to see the good in everything, hope even if it feels like everything is falling apart, and have faith even if we lose sight of what is ahead of us. Even saying a little prayer every time we go out is a must nowadays, and I say that is something good in all of this. 

Life Experiences = Opportunity to Grow

Overall, life has a funny way of teaching us lessons. It’s up to you if you take them to heart or dismiss it. These life experiences came our way to help us grow. 

While there are moments when we feel like giving up, not giving in is the lesson that came with it. May the experiences we face teach us to be better people and not bitter as we go about our lives. After all, life is a journey; embrace the adventure!