How to Be Mindful Everyday

Dec 22, 2021 | Just Be

Practicing how to be mindful every day is not a practice that many people do. While it is not something that people do consciously, some do practice this. And if you are curious about how to become as aware as they are, there are ways that you can practice it. 

The practice of mindfulness involves breathing methods, guided imagery, and other relaxation techniques. All of these practices help the mind and body relieve stress. It also redirects your attention away from anxiety and symptoms of depression. So how can one become mindful? Here’s what you need to know. 

What is mindfulness?

When one is aware of their surroundings, emotions, and actions, one is practicing mindfulness [1]. Being mindful is not only about being alert; it is paying careful attention to your environment. Once mindfulness is practiced daily, it can positively impact both your personal and career life. 

How to Practice Mindfulness

Often, we find ourselves rushing out to do our daily errands, but as the day goes, we cannot even think of the things we would like to do. Before we know it, something happens, and you end up losing your temper. It does not have to be the case all the time. Taking the time to pause and practice mindfulness will help clear your thoughts. That said, it is important to practice being mindful every day [2].  Here’s how.

Practice gratitude 

When you practice gratitude, you are focusing your attention on the positive things in your life. As you practice gratitude, you will realize the good things that are in front of you. Instead of recalling the bad things of the past, you are more grateful for the present. Focusing on the positive moments helps create a more positive future. 

Paying attention to what your heart says

People are emotional beings, and often, it is our emotion that communicates with us in every moment. A person’s day is filled with a range of emotions. For example, you might be in a good mood in the morning but could become sad by the end of the day. That said, checking how your heart feels should be a conscious practice. How your emotions are can make a difference in your everyday life. 

Listen to your body

Your body participates automatically. For example, your heart beats continuously just as your lungs keep breathing regardless of what you do every day. But your body can also send messages if you pay attention to them better. Do you feel pain in your body? Do you feel well or not? – paying attention to your body also realigns yourself to the present. It helps you become more aware of how you feel. 

Focus on your breathing

Another way to practice mindfulness is being conscious about your breathing. Focusing on how you breathe helps your mind to pay attention to things better. Notice how you are breathing right now; is it deep or shallow? Practicing breathing exercises helps in focusing your attention when you inhale and exhale. For example, take five deep breaths and concentrate your mind as you breathe in and out. Repeat this exercise three times or multiple times throughout the day when you find yourself distracted. It will help you refocus your attention again. 

Practicing mindful eating

You probably heard of mindful eating but did not have an idea about it. What is mindful eating? It is paying attention to what you are eating and being present in the moment when you eat. Many of us do not mind the food we eat because we get distracted most of the time. It could be because we watch movies while we eat, view YouTube, or read something. 

However, according to studies, if we pay more attention to what we eat, we can better digest it and appreciate it.  So, to practice being mindful, the next time you sit down for a meal, put down your phone or turn off the television. Not only are you enjoying your food, but you are also chewing it properly – making the absorption of vitamins and minerals much more manageable. 

Pursue active listening

When someone speaks, it must be our conscious practice to listen to what others are saying. You must practice active listening rather than formulating answers in your head. If you practice active listening, you also put your focus on the person talking. Practicing this will surely change the quality of conversations. 

Learn to live in the moment

Living in the moment means learning to be open. It is about bringing intentional openness, acceptance, and discernment in everything you do. When you live in the moment, you are finding joy even in the littlest things around you. You are also more aware of your environment and the people around you. And even if you are mindful of your ways, you can also acknowledge those around you and enjoy life at the same time – which is a skill we should learn. 

Why Should You Practice Being Mindful

Practicing how to be mindful helps us to be fully present for right now. It also teaches you to let go of your inhibitions and things you cannot change [3]. Mindfulness also helps you make the right decisions and use practical coping skills. It also enables you to calm down when you feel like you are not yourself. That said, practicing mindfulness every day teaches us to be calm and collected individuals.