How to Create a Positive and Loving Relationship with People

Sep 12, 2023 | Just Be

How to Create a Positive and Loving Relationship with People

People need to be with people; that’s how nature works. And that’s how we are as a society. Creating a positive and loving relationship is an essential ingredient to our survival as people. 

How can one create a positive and loving relationship anyway? Is it easy? If you are looking for answers and possibly have plans to build relationships, this post can help you with that. 

How to Create a Positive  and Loving Relationship with People

We are social people, and as history proves, we work together as a community to survive. That is why having relationships is crucial so we can continue to be better communities. 

1. Accept others and acknowledge their differences.

Accepting that the world does not only revolve around you is essential in your perception of others. We are all different; we come from different backgrounds, cultures, races, colors, sizes, and shapes! And that’s what makes our world a much more exciting place to be. 

While this is a positive thing to have, sometimes, our differences can make it hard to create relationships. We often set expectations that people will like what we do or we think the way we think. However, this is not the case. 

Accepting that others will have different opinions and preferences is more manageable than opposing them. We should celebrate the fact that we all come from different backgrounds and have different ideologies. Besides, wouldn’t it be a boring place to be when everyone is the same? Being different is the spice of life; celebrate it!

2. Build trust and nurture it

Sometimes, it is hard to trust people, but you should give trust where trust is due. It is the key if you want a lasting relationship. The truth is, without it, connections will not flourish; it is the foundation of your partnership with other people. 

Set aside your conflicts and allow people to speak their minds. Give them the benefit of the doubt. When you trust people, you are open and honest with your feelings, thoughts, and actions. If, by chance, people oppose you, give it time, and support those involved to resolve it. 

3. Listen to others

One of the ways that you can build a positive and loving relationship is by listening to others. How would you feel if someone listened to you? Maybe you feel appreciated or valued, right? The same goes when you allow yourself to listen to others. 

Listening boosts the self-esteem of people. When you understand what is being communicated to you, it is easier to interact with others. And when you listen, you must always practice active listening. It is when you are genuinely interested in what other people are saying, thinking, or feeling. It makes the conversation more effective when you convey the message and verify the content. 

4. Be mindful 

Being mindful means you are aware of the things you do or say. It is awareness of how others may feel when an action is done, or a word is spoken. You are taking responsibility for your actions and words. When mindfulness is practiced, you do not let your own negative emotions impact the people around you. 

5. Give your time

Time is one of the most valuable things to give in this world. When time runs out, that’s it. That said, you must manage your time effectively and give time to the people who matter most.

Being present is vital for relationships to grow. When you are with someone, you must not dwell on the past or worry about the future. Giving your time NOW is something that you should practice. It will help you build valuable skills to keep your relationships last. 

6. Learn to communicate

Another foundation of a positive and loving relationship is communication. Without it, knowing what others think or feel will be impossible. Communication is when you understand what is said and not just when someone speaks. 

When communication is poor in your workplace, it can cause gossip, blaming, and other forms of stress. A relationship between two people cannot work without communication either. One might be harboring anger, and the other won’t know. And when these emotions are not expressed, the relationship will not last. If you want better relationships, learn to communicate with each other. 

7. Show kindness

Just like time, kindness is rare these days. At times, it feels like kindness is a miracle when someone experiences it. However, if you want to build relationships with people, practicing empathy is a good foundation. 

There’s a quote that goes, “Be kind, everyone is fighting their battles,” – I agree. We all have different problems, and all of us have something going on in our lives. And we all need a little bit of kindness to keep us going. Building relationships is easier when we show compassion often. 

8. Develop empathy

People will forget what you said or done, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Perceiving how people feel and understanding them is the connection you need in relationships. 

Understand that every relationship we make teaches us something new. But it is building positive relationships with others that make us happier, more fulfilled, and more connected. 

Your Takeaway

Our lives are short, we should live them to the fullest, and when we build a positive and loving relationship, the life we live become more meaningful. Choose to make the ones that last.