How to Practice Conscious Living: 7 Excellent Ways

Jul 11, 2023 | Just Be

How to Practice Conscious Living: 7 Excellent Ways

Have you ever asked yourself the question of how to practice conscious living? Nowadays, people are more prone to making impulsive decisions without thinking about the result. If you are drifting through life without a sense of direction or purpose, living a conscious life is the best decision you will ever make. 

But how can you practice conscious living? Is there a formula? Is there a magic spell? 

Of course not. When we say conscious living, it is about taking control of your life. It is about making decisions with thought. Mindful living is about taking the reigns of your life by consciously making the right decisions rather than settling for the ones handed to us. 

7 Ways on How to Practice Conscious Living

Practicing conscious living does not happen overnight. To make thoughtful decisions means you must practice it every day until it becomes a habit incorporated into your life. While this sounds easy to do, only a few people out there can make it work. 

It is not easy to change your lifestyle in a snap. It would be best if you had time to practice these habits to succeed. If you are interested in practicing a more conscious living, here are excellent ways to do it:

Step 1. Understand what conscious living is.

Before you begin this practice, know what conscious living is all about. Understand that this is the act of thinking and acting upon things from a view of complete awareness. Simply put, it is the decision to participate in life rather than being the passenger actively. You must take the driver’s seat rather than be someone in it for the ride. 

When you choose to live in a way where you make thoughtful choices, you can see the different paths given to you at any time. Being conscious allows you to view things more clearly, move in the direction that benefits you most, and understand how things work. 

Step 2. Practice meditation or yoga.

How many people have you heard tell you to “practice yoga or meditation” whenever you feel lost? Perhaps a lot, and they are right! Learning to be alone with your thoughts and finding stillness in your mind can help you clear up bad decisions [1]

Yoga and meditation are great ways to keep you focused for the day. It keeps you calm as you redirect your thoughts toward your goals. You can tune into your thoughts and find your center by committing to a few minutes of yoga or meditation daily. 

Step 3. It Starts with the Mind.

The critical ingredient for conscious living is the renewal of your mind. The truth is, it all begins with the shift of your mindset. Our actions may influence our thoughts, but more often, it is our mind that redirects that direction. 

This is conscious living when your thoughts are clear and align with your actions. But if you divert your attention from your efforts over and over, you are not making conscious choices. 

Making conscious decisions does not mean going blindly without checking facts first. It means being aware of every choice you make and not just believing any hearsay. 

Renewal of the mind means being aware, in tune with reality, and being in the moment as you make choices. 

Step 4. Accepting yourself for who you are. 

Many people do not often practice the concept of self-love. The truth is, loving ourselves is one of the hardest things to do. But that is okay. Loving yourself isn’t easy; it takes time and practice. We often see the bad things in us more than the good ones. But take your time. Don’t rush. 

Loving ourselves has its perks and is the catalyst for making conscious choices [2]. Because you love yourself, you care more about yourself. You care about the decisions you make and what is best for you. So, instead of just going with the flow, you are more aware of what benefits you. 

Think about it, would you rather be stuck living in the same situation? Or would you make the conscious choice of loving yourself? You can constantly shift your focus on the good things and slowly but surely, introduce self-appreciation. Practicing this over time will surely give you the love that you deserve. 

Step 5. Reviewing your relationships.

Our relationships are essential because we also include those important to us when we make conscious choices. Having your relationships in mind will help you find out what matters most. 

Have you thought about spending time with the people you love? Have you shown your appreciation? Do you need to forgive people in your lives, or do you need to apologize for anything?

Knowing which part of your relationships needs work is also being conscious about your decisions. Not only within your inner relationships but also in extended ones. 

Step 6. Be conscious of how you spend your time.

Time seemed to unfold slowly when you were younger, but now that you are an adult, time goes by quickly. It sometimes feels like you are not making the most of it. 

As you begin incorporating conscious living into your life, you must know how you spend time. Are you spending time with a purpose? Or do you let time fly by? When we realize how we spend our time, it will be easier to make mindful decisions.

Be aware of the time you give; you can never take it back. Realizing that time is precious makes it easier to create fantastic memories without spending it on meaningless things. 

Step 7. Explore yourself as a person.

Besides accepting yourself, knowing who you are matters as well. What do you love about yourself? What are your hobbies? Do you have favorites? Is there anything you are afraid of? – When you are aware of yourself, it is easier to decide on matters. 

Your values and how you treat people show how conscious you are of your decisions. Think about it this way: what do you want others to say to you in your eulogy when you pass on? How you live your life, treat others and impact this world tell a lot about your awareness. 

In Closing

Now that you know the seven steps you can apply in your life, start practicing conscious living.  It may not always be easy, but there is always room for growth. Check yourself, practice these tips, and put in the effort.