Move Upwards When You Hit Rock Bottom

Oct 29, 2021 | Just Be

Move Upwards When You Hit Rock Bottom

We cannot avoid getting into trouble. We cannot control the outcome of our circumstances. But when life hits hard, there’s no other way but up. Life is a mix of ups and downs, but move upwards when you hit rock bottom. Where else can you go? 

How to Move Upwards When You Hit Rock Bottom

We have experienced hitting the lowest of lows at some point in our lives. It could be out of desperation or the feelings of not being good enough. Whatever the reasons are, sinking at the bottom is not a fun place to be. 

How can you move upwards? How can you pick yourself up again? Here’s how:

1. Take a step back from everything.

Like it or not, things can get overwhelming in life. And sometimes, this can cause significant changes in ourselves, our families, or friends that we are not ready for. When this happens, take a moment to gather yourself and step back. 

I don’t mean to take a step back literally, but you can do that too. Taking a step back means you must look at the situation differently. When you are stuck in a hole, it is impossible to see the good things and the solution to your problems even when it is in front of you. Sometimes, you just need to take a break, clear your head, and formulate a plan to get out of the situation you are in. 

2. Change your mindset and see the changes.

The way we see things can affect our current situation. One of the things that can affect us is our negative thinking. If you only see the terrible things in life, there is no room for growth. You will not try something else for fear of the outcome. However, you are in control of your destiny. You can choose to be scared and stay stuck, or you can try and move forward. 

Don’t worry if you fail; it is part of the process. Be in tune with yourself and trust YOU. If you want change to happen, you must start with yourself. Train your mind to see the good in everything. You will be surprised to see all the possibilities!

3. Let go of what is hurting you.

The negative things we’ve experienced in life can weigh us down. And sometimes, the hurt we carry can fester inside us. When it does, it makes your heart heavy, and letting go is hard. 

Letting go of what is hurting you is essential. Realize that what hurt you is in the past, and you must learn to let it go so you can move towards your future. Of course, letting go of the history you had does not mean you should forget about it. After all, it is part of who you are. Let the past go but keep the lessons. 

4. Take small, careful steps.

We cannot move forward overnight. Things take time, and the best thing you can do is take small steps. Start with what you can do for now. One by one, tackle the problem at hand. Before you know it, you have taken many steps already. 

Remember, a single step is the start of your journey. So, identify what is holding you back and work on it. Breaking a massive hurdle into pieces and working on them one at a time can help you move forward better. 

5. Stick to a timeline and work on it.

Being stuck in a situation you have no control over sucks. But one of the best steps you can take is to create a timeline and stick to it. Commit your way to the list of things you need to do first and work towards your goals. The next thing you will know, you are already moving toward a better and brighter life. 

6. Live a thankful life. 

A life that is full of gratitude is a life you should live. Remember, if you do not cherish your things, the universe will not give you more. Practice the attitude of gratitude. Cultivate the habit of being thankful. Thank someone you love, practice being mindful, express your love, and show compassion – everything you need is within reach if you allow it. Practicing gratitude is one way to move upward when you hit rock bottom.

7. Lend a helping hand.

One way to move onwards with life is to help others going through bad times. As you make connections with others, you feel more accomplished. You may even forget that you have problems, to begin with! Of course, this does not mean you have to forget about it, but it will push you to become a better person.

When you help others, others will help you in return. It’s like the universe is reserving you future help, so when you need it, it will come to you too. As you help others, don’t forget to find balance in it, and not forget your own. Make sure to move upwards when you hit rock bottom.

Your Takeaway

Moving forward is essential in your growth as a person. You must find a way to overcome your fears and anxieties if you want to be better. Don’t forget to take one step at a time. Everything will fall into place; just be sure to put your plans into action and commit to them. You will be out of the rut soon!