Overcome Fears and Anxiety: 7 Easy Ways to Do It

May 17, 2022 | Right Now

Overcome Fears and Anxiety: 7 Easy Ways to Do It

Nothing in this world can keep you from your fears but you. Whatever makes you anxious or fear living your life in the best way possible, there are always ways to overcome fears and anxiety. Here are seven ways to do them.

Tip #1. Give yourself a time out.

It is so easy to get overwhelmed these days, especially since we are experiencing a pandemic. When your mind races over time and you think about all the wrong things, take a time out. Go on a hike, run or go out and take in some fresh air. Better yet, make yourself a cup of tea so you can relax. If you dwell on these thoughts, you are only adding fuel to your anxieties. Taking a time out is always a good idea. 

Tip #2. Face your fears.

Avoiding your fears is not going to change things. You may be lucky to dodge a bullet today, but what about tomorrow or the next day? You can avoid your fears, but you cannot hide from them forever. It would be best to find a way to face them and familiarize yourself with what scares you. Knowing what you fear indeed gives you a starting point to develop a solution on how to fix them. 

Tip #3. Practice breathing techniques.

Suppose you feel like panicking after seeing something that scared you, don’t. Try to compose yourself and identify the source of your anxiety. Once you do, count down to 10 as you focus on your breathing. It will help you calm down and stay focused. Learning breathing techniques can help you in many ways. If you are feeling anxious, scared, or in a panic, make sure to arm yourself with breathing exercises so you don’t break down. 

Tip #4. Use your imagination in a good way.

Overthinking and playing impossible scenarios in your head only amplifies your fears. Instead of dwelling in these negative thoughts, why not use your imagination more beneficially? Think of a scenario that makes you feel good rather than leading your ideas into a dark corridor [1]. If you do not like crowded places, why not think of a scene where you handled the situation better? Directing your thoughts into something positive can help ease your fears or anxieties, even just for a little while. Give it a try. 

Tip #5. Don’t live a perfect life.

Our lives are nowhere perfect; you must realize that it is okay to be imperfect. We all have fears, stress, anxieties – it’s part of life! Bad days will happen, and setbacks can occur at any time. Life is messy like that; try not to overthink everything and, most importantly, relax. Dwelling on the wrong things shortens your life!

Tip #6. Talk about your fears.

Dealing with your fears and anxiety alone is a heavy burden to carry around. Instead, find people you trust enough to talk about these things. If you cannot speak to a partner or someone in your family, there are always hotlines, group therapies, and other support groups that you can reach out to. Getting mental health services or counseling can also help you out. 

Tip #7. Reward yourself.

Overcoming your fears is not easy, but if you did something to face them today, that’s a start! If you rode the elevator without panicking, took the bus on your own for the first time, in a crowded place without having anxiety attacks, congratulations! You did something brave today; rewarding yourself is the best way to reinforce this small win [2]. Get ice cream, treat yourself with some of your favorite snacks – rewarding yourself by doing something positive will also encourage you to do them often. The more you do them, the more you realize that you no longer feel anxious or scared. 

Your Takeaway

To overcome fears and anxiety, you must also do your part. You cannot avoid getting scared. It is part of life. Doing something so you don’t have to be afraid is always a good thing. So, keep doing them. Applying these tips will surely get you started.