Overcoming Your Inner Critical Voice with These 5 Steps

Sep 6, 2022 | Just Be

Overcoming Your Inner Critical Voice with These 5 Steps

Overcoming your critical inner voice is essential. There is always that inner voice that often tells us that we are not good enough. And often, we believe the words they are saying. Have you encountered these voices? 

If you want to overcome your critical inner voice, then this post can help you with that. Here’s what you can do. 

5 Steps in Overcoming Your Inner Critical Voice

“You’re not good enough,” “You’re stupid,” and “You’re ugly” – are just a few of the things that we often hear our inner voice say whenever we do something stupid. And believing that you are all that can be a blow to your ego and self-esteem. That said, it is essential to figure out overcoming your inner critical voice. Here are five steps that you can follow:

1. Point out the negative thoughts.

Identifying these negative thoughts is the first step toward overcoming your inner critical voice. Recognize what this voice is telling you. Although your inner voice may send you messages, you must know which notes you should take and which ones to avoid. 

According to psychologists, the familiar pattern of beliefs that these voices send is known as core beliefs. Being aware of these patterns in your inner voice reduces its power to influence your attitude or behavior. 

Once you can identify the message conveyed to you, you will have the liberty to choose how you respond in a given situation. This way, you can break away from the typical behavior that you have. 

2. Break away from your inner voice. 

Your inner voice often challenges your behavior and magnifies the situation. It is why when you leave this inner critical voice unchecked, it is easy to be swayed and believe what it says. 

One of the ways to break away from your negative thoughts is to think that they are only words and not facts. You are not what you think you are, and you can do better. 

3. Practice kindness towards yourself. 

Sometimes, being kind to yourself is not the easiest practice to do. But if you want to break away from your negative thoughts, practice compassion towards yourself. 

When we talk about self-compassion, it is defined as relating to oneself with empathy and kindness. It means you must show yourself, love, if you want to overcome your critical inner voice. 

If you were not exposed to a loving environment or grew up in an abusive home, accepting kindness towards yourself can be hard to do. However, you must try your best so you can eventually overcome those negative thoughts. 

4. Answer your inner critic.

Like a conversation, you can also respond to your inner critical voice. By writing down a more realistic evaluation of yourself, you too can respond to your negative thoughts. 

Let us say your critical voice tells you, “You are not good enough,” respond in first-person. You can say, “I may not always be the best, but I am smart, and I can always figure things out even if it takes time.” By responding honestly, you can overcome your critical inner voice.

5. Do not act on your inner critic.

Sometimes, it is easy to act on negative thoughts, but this is a bad idea! Take only actions that show your point of view. Be who you want to be and what you want to achieve in life. 

Understand that your inner voice can grow louder. It will tell you not to take chances or make any changes. Identifying these negative thoughts and avoiding acting on them will prevent you from the destructive thought process. 

As you avoid acting on your inner critic voice, you will grow stronger as it grows weaker. Over time, these voices will no longer affect you or your actions. 

Your Takeaway

Our negative thoughts and critical voice will always be there. It is a part of ourselves and our survival. But instead of wallowing in our dark thoughts, use it as your driving force. And once you have learned how to value yourself, overcoming your inner critical voice is easy as pie.