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The ability to take action, risks and seek challenges in life.

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“I will do this once I complete that.”

“But should I or Should I not?”

“What if I don’t get the desired results….”

“No, I think I am not ready yet to take this step.”

Are such thoughts also overshadowing your life? 

That’s perfectly fine, you are not alone! 

7.1% of Americans report having suffered at least one significant depressive episode during adulthood, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

It is natural to have some negative thoughts when you are trying to make some big decisions in life.

However, what’s not ok is when your thoughts start controlling your life.
This is what you need to change. And you can change this by putting your mind over matter. 

It means that….

TAKE ACTION now because NOW is the RIGHT TIME to take charge of your life.

Now is the time to find the WARRIOR hidden in you. 

Defeat your inner pessimistic voice with positive action, determination, and self-discipline. 


Fantasies Get You Nowhere

Let’s understand this better with the help of a case study. 

Gabriele Oettingen from New York University conducted an experiment on the effect of thoughts. 

Students were told to record how frequently they thought about getting their dream job.

The results were quite surprising.

Graduates who fantasized more didn’t receive many job offers after leaving college.

In fact, they were less successful and managed to secure low salaries.

If this tells you anything, it is that…

Getting too infactuated by your dreams can actually become your biggest hurdle.

Fantasizing too much makes you take on PERFECTIONIST tendencies.

Instead of working hard, you only think about attaining your picture-perfect dreams.

When you are not ready to challenge your ideas, you are limiting yourself from self-growth.

And this hesitation to act is why so many people are never able to achieve what they want in life.

So, try to change…

What’s Holding You Down?

Many things in life can hinder your progress.

Mostly, people are afraid to act because of these common issues:

Uncertainty of the Future

You are too scared of what will happen as a consequence of you taking an action. The thoughts of “what can go wrong” never seem to escape your mind.

Drawing Comparison 

Comparing yourself to others all the time and believing everyone else has it better than you. 

Past Failures

Constant reminders of your failures in the past still haunt you to this day. You are too afraid to do anything because you don’t believe in yourself anymore.

Playing the Blame Game

You resort to blaming others for your failure. You always fail to take responsibility for your own actions.


Getting caught up in your mind will


reap any benefits.

Beating yourself down with these thoughts is only making you YOUR own worst ENEMY.

So, just STOP overthinking, and…


Step Into Action

The best way to break this seemingly endless cycle of negative thoughts is to sprint into action.

Even small steps can be enough to ignite the spark of positivity in you.

Ever heard of the phrase “fake it till you make it’?

The phrase applies to life more than you may think. 

When you face challenges, it encourages you to have more trust in yourself.

In the beginning, you will have self-doubt.

But your courage to take on risk INSPIRES CONFIDENCE in you which makes you a more confident person.

Thus, to combat your inner demons, take more optimistic actions in life. 

Taking Action Through Determination

Here are some tips to train your mind to become more disciplined and action-oriented:

Be Self-aware

85% of the things you are concerned about will never happen.

So, quit wasting your life away by worrying about those things. 

Rather, practice recognizing your pattern of negative thinking, so you can stop yourself in the tracks.

Ditch The Perfectionist In You

Focus on your progress.

Avoid overthinking whether your success is as you had imagined it to be.

Stop trying to be perfect as it only stops you from becoming productive.

Set Goals

Set small targets and celebrate when you achieve them.

Your efforts count. 

And never forget, you are worthy of appreciation.

Time Your Thinking

To avoid being indecisive, limit your thinking time before making a decision.

It will help you get more done in less time. 

Be Accountable

Share your self-improvement goals with your friends.

You are more likely to hold yourself accountable when you have someone keeping track of you.

And that’s all. It all revolves around taking action now, determination, and self-discipline. Know your true conscious energy. Chase that and it will help you make productive actions. 

Are you ready to take the first step? Do share with your friends as well to inspire them and promote growth together.

You Can Do It!


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