Taking a Social Media Break and Its Benefits

Oct 23, 2021 | Live it Not in it

Taking a Social Media Break and Its Benefits

Social media platforms are among the best tools for sharing our experiences. And over the years, our daily lives are not completed without posting something to our social media accounts. We can share our experiences, pictures, and videos with family and friends. It has helped us get connected with all sorts of people. 

But what if you stay off-grid for a while? Some of us could not even think of staying offline but trust me, there is something beneficial about taking a break from social media every once in a while!

The use of social media has proven to be effective, and fun but the question remains, is it controlling you? Or are you controlling it? How do you find out who is in charge? Take a break, of course!

The Benefits of Taking Social Media Breaks

A break from social media is something everyone should think of doing sooner than later. Spending too much time on social media isn’t the best for your mental health. Taking a break has a large upside, here are the benefits:

Reduces anxiety triggers by taking social media breaks

There’s a “feel-good” emotion that triggers our brains whenever our phones ping and show notifications from social media. The “need” to be constantly updated and be involved in everything has its own benefits, but this could be a trigger for someone who suffers from anxiety. The constant need to interact and engage with people becomes a task that slowly suffocates your senses. 

Disconnecting from social media reduces the triggers of anxiety. It also gives you space to breathe and takes away the negative thoughts you get from overthinking that ruin your mood. 

You live in the moment

When you disconnect from social media, you are living in the moment. You are engaging with real-life activities and maybe even enjoy them more! It could be as simple as spending time with friends, talking to family over lunch, going out on a hike, or whatever activity you want to do. The important thing is that you are there, present, and embracing the moment. 

Changes your focus

Our world has so much to offer other than what you see on social media. Staying online way too much drains your energy. When you disconnect from these platforms, you shift your focus on the things that matter most. Do you have hobbies? What are the things that make you happy other than social media? What makes you happy? Focus on that. 

Helps you sleep well

Scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts you have at night can disrupt your sleep pattern. And don’t lie, we are guilty of doing this often! Try to shut your phone 30 minutes before going to sleep. Instead of using your phone, read a book before bedtime. Don’t be afraid to disconnect online; it will still be there when you wake up. 

You become more productive

Without social media, your productivity increases. Maybe your room needs cleaning, perhaps you have a project that you need to finish, or maybe your garden needs some lovin’? Whatever it is that you need, do it! Disconnecting from social media is the first step to completing these tasks. You become more productive because taking a break from social media frees up a lot of time you thought you didn’t have.

Converse with real people

When you disconnect from social media, you will realize that an actual conversation is better than just posting a comment or liking a video. Talking to people is more powerful compared to just texting. There’s a connection when you engage in a conversation and taking a break from social media offers that freedom. We forget how much we can learn from a conversation, everyone has something to share as long as you are willing to listen. So start living your life, go outside and leave that small screen behind!

Protect your privacy by taking a social media break

Going offline from social media is a way to protect your privacy. With news of people hacking into other people’s accounts through Facebook or Instagram, it is alarming to know that anyone can obtain access to your privacy – Your personal information is at stake! The less you are on social media and other apps the less likely it is for you to get hacked.

Stop comparing your life with others

Seeing other people’s achievements, good financial status in life, or just their lives in general, can make someone competitive. It’s even worse when you compare your life with theirs! Taking a timeout from these platforms will give you a chance to focus more on your life, and there’s no competition for you to be obsessed with. This happens because people only post their good moments which makes it seem as if their lives are perfect, which gives you a false representation of their actual lives.

An overall improvement in your mood

Taking a break from all the negative stuff you see on social media is good for your soul. Negative news can affect your mood, adds stress, and depresses you. So why should you consistently keep looking at your phone? It may feel weird at first, but the moment you begin to distance yourself from all the negativities that social media brings, the better you will feel. 

Final Thoughts

Yes, social media is a big part of our lives, and it does serve its purpose. There are plenty of good things that came out of these platforms but, there are also cons to using them excessively. 

Take a time out, take a break from social media, and be with yourself and your surroundings. Talk to people, engage in physical activities – these things matter more than what’s on social media. Social media detox is a great way to eliminate stress and keep you mentally healthy, give it a try. It’s worth it!