The Physical and Mental Benefits of Doing Outdoor Activities

Sep 27, 2022 | Live it Not in it

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Doing Outdoor Activities

There are plenty of physical and mental benefits of doing outdoor activities. And if you happen to be planning your outdoor activities, learn how your body and mind can benefit from it in this post. 

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Being in the Outdoors

The pandemic has forced many of us to work from home. Many suffered anxiety and depression as they adjusted to the new normal. Our usual activities have been cut off, making some of us unable to do much. 

While the statement above is true, there are still ways to keep an active lifestyle. You can always try to get some sunshine outside your home, even if it is just in your backyard. Adding outdoor activities will surely help you feel better and not cooped up inside your home. 

That said, you must understand how outdoor activities can help you. Here are the reasons why:

It improves your general well-being.

Thanks to the weather and changing terrains, exercising outdoors can help improve your well-being. Unlike being in the gym where the floors are flat, rugged terrain outdoors is usually unpredictable. It involves hills, wooded paths, winding roads, and valleys. You are forced to stay focused and alert most of the time. This situation alone lets you focus mentally and therefore benefits your mental health. 

You become happier.

Spending time in nature and natural light can improve your mood. It also helps release stress and depression. As you engage in this physical activity, your body is reaping the benefits. Exercising regularly outdoors can relax your senses and often makes you happy. 

You get plenty of Vitamin D. 

Vitamin D helps your bones and blood cells by keeping them healthy. Training under the sun helps your body absorb this vitamin. Getting at least 5 to 15 minutes of sun at least once every two days can give your body all the Vitamin D it needs. It also boosts your immune system, keeping your body healthier as it protects you from viruses. The more vitamin D you have, the better your immune system is.

Not only does vitamin D help your bones, immune system, and blood cells, but it also plays a role in protecting the body from cancer. It also saves you from a heart attack and reduces the chance of forming depression. Of course, make sure to protect yourself from too much sun. Wear sunscreen each time you do outdoor activities. 

It increases your self-esteem.

One of the physical and mental benefits of doing outdoor activities is boosting your self-esteem. It is more effective when you spend time outdoors in green areas, near water, and within the sounds of nature. The sound of waterfalls can also help you in this. 

If you have an expansive and open backyard, exploring your property can help improve your self-esteem. Listening to birds, animals, streams, and even tiny brooks can make you feel better. 

You burn more calories.

According to studies, people who exercise outdoors can burn more calories when they run or walk outside than on a treadmill. Exercising outdoors helps your mind take off things, thanks to your surroundings. As a result, you have better chances of running or walking than when you are inside the gym. 

It helps you sleep better.

The harder it is to sleep on time or get enough sleep to keep you up all day as you grow older. It is because your sleep cycle depends on the accuracy of your internal clock. When this clock is not working correctly, you will have difficulty regulating sleep. 

However, there is a way to keep your body clock working, and that is to get enough sunlight during the day. Experts believe that you should get enough sunlight before midday. That is why you need to get as much sunshine as you can in the morning. It is especially required as you get older. 

It helps reduce stress. 

As the pandemic grows, the more anxious and stressful the situations become. Fortunately, as we adjust to the new normal, we now have the chance to venture outside with caution. 

If you don’t want to mingle with people, going outside for a walk or run can reduce your stress as it lowers the production of cortisol. Camping outdoors can also help your anxiety. 

It helps improve your memory. 

As we grow older, our ability to remember shortens sometimes. Have you ever gone looking for your keys, flipped through the entire house, and only to find that it is inside your pockets? If you have experienced this, you should spend time under the sun. 

Walking outdoors has proven to be helpful in terms of memory retention. It was also confirmed that walking around trees has helped improve memory retention by 20%. 

Your Takeaway

Living a long and healthy life is possible. We have the grounds and tools to use, the question is, when are you going to take care of yourself? Grab the opportunity while you still can and reap the physical and mental benefits of doing outdoor activities.