The Power of Taking Risks and Why You Should Do It

Jan 26, 2022 | Right Now

Taking risks is something that many of us fear committing, but there is power in taking risks. Many of our greatest achievements are found outside of our comfort zone. It’s up to us if we want to take charge and handle the risks. But why is it hard to do? How can one take risks without fear? This article can help you with that; read on for more. 

Why do we fear risks?

There is a myriad of reasons why some people do not like taking risks. It could be due to their crippling anxiety and the comfort of their own space [1]. Some people cannot make decisions without overthinking the outcome of a situation. Anxiety and panic often set in before they can decide on what to do. It’s like your brain automatically tells you to play it safe.  Because of this, we do not take risks. We prefer the safe zone, but how can you improve if you don’t take risks? 

How the Power of Taking Risks Helps

The risks involved are not always reckless. No, you don’t have to jump off a plane without any parachutes. The chances we take are not always related to our feelings but rather how we handle them. 

Most of the time, we fear risks because we worry more about how we feel about them than actually understanding the situation. If we know how to calculate risks and know which risks we are taking, we wouldn’t fear them. 

1. It opens doors to opportunities.

When you are safe in your comfort zone, you are living in a bubble. If you view risks as something negative, then nothing will happen in your life. By taking risks, you are opening yourself to new opportunities. The opportunity to learn new things, fail, explore, and grow as a person – taking risks gives you options and plays an essential role in your growth and well-being. You might just be surprised about the possibilities that you thought you could not do!

2. It boosts your self-confidence.

Taking chances harnesses the inner strength that you thought you didn’t have. The power of taking risks gives you a positive feeling that you didn’t felt before. You understand what you finally want and know how to achieve it. It is also a great way to stand out and present yourself as a leader. Risks give you a clear outline of what you want in life. When you take them, you are more conscious about what is more important to you and filter out the unwanted ones. 

3. It makes life exciting and colorful.

What is life without a bit of fun? It’s monotonous, dull – in short, boring! We all need a little bit of spice now and then, right? If you agree with me, then this is the sign that you should take risks! It all comes down to a decision. If your heart races, palm sweats, and nerves crawl whenever you take a chance, it means you are doing something that is out of your comfort zone. You can call it crazy, but risks make our lives exciting. The question is, would you miss the opportunity? Or sit back and watch time fly? You decide!

4. It teaches you resilience.

Taking chances will always have an outcome. It is excellent if you succeed, but if you fail, do not feel bad. Instead, use this failure as an opportunity and lesson [2]. Risks teach you to be resilient because you can only rely on your abilities when the going gets tough. And if you don’t have the guts to take risks, how will you improve your problem-solving skills? The risks involved aren’t always bad; remember, it’s either a lesson or a blessing. Just be ready for whatever comes your way; you will make it!

Take the Risk

If you are still thinking about the risks involved, don’t. You are going to end up overthinking the situation. Taking risks does not mean you have to be irresponsible, like driving your car when you’re drunk. BUT you can always practice taking small risks. These risks don’t have to be something significant; you can start by saying hello to someone you don’t know or trying a new hobby you don’t have the talent for! Anything is possible. 

Think about it; risks are always part of our lives. We just need to pick the ones we are willing to take. Without risks, we will be living the same mundane lives. So, when you see an opportunity, grab it! Living a life of fear is not a way of living; take the chance and see what happens. You can do it!